We're not dead!!!

Yet...but don't kill us! Lol Real Life has been kicking our tails. Hard. And not in the good way. BUT, the next chapter of LTK (from what I heard last from Jamie) is well under way and pretty much finished with! Soooo hopefully that will be updated here soon :)

Today, I have an Author Rec for you guys that I have just fallen in love with! CaraNo. I am currently reading three of her stories and they are fan-fucking-tastic! Seriously. Her first story is called: Fall and Rise that involves Bella making a life altering decision that no woman, much less teenager, should have to make. I don't want to give too much away, but seriously, check it out. This is one of the best fanfictions I think I have ever read.

The second story is called: It's a Sign. This story involves daddyward and his deaf daughter, Emma, and Emma's babysitter, Bella. Enough said lol

And last but not least: This Life. Which she just recently started (and from what I can tell, is updating three times a week!) This one is, so far, my favorite. It takes place in Forks, WA where girls there are usually set up with arranged marriages. Two words. Mafia Edward. And Unwilling Bella. Good shit right there!

So check this awesome Author out and leave her some love! She definitely deserves it!

Next update: Hopefully soon! :)

Si's Sunday!

Yes! It's MY day! Lol Not that it really matters. It's just another Sunday :) Hope it's treating all of our readers/followers/stalkers well though!

Before I jump into my fic rec's of today (that's right, I said rec's!) I wanted to address something real fast. Jamie and I are aware that LTK has not been updated since January first. *Gasp* No, we haven't given up on it, in fact Jamie has been working hard on the next chapter AND just so you all know, chapter 11 is already written, so once 10 is posted 11 will soon follow.

Real life just kicks us in the ass sometimes and when you collaborate a story like we are doing, you have to be patient and wait for things to fall into place. We could both sit down and write out something really fast and post it for you...but it would be complete shit. Trust me. We have to feel the chapter out and make it work for both of us. *Shrugs* That's just the way *we* work. It's a joint effort guys. The blame/fall/rewards/praise, it falls on both of us and it goes both ways. We take the good together, just like we take the bad together. Even if that means hording off angry mob fans!

Moving on! I read this story a while back ago and just fell in love with it from chapter one. It caught my eye and my attention and I was a goner. My saving grace? The fic was completed and I didn't have to wait for updates lol (You all know how I despise that!) It took me almost a week to read and then the Author came out with another story that I have once again fallen hard for. *Sigh* Except this time I do have to wait for updates.

The first piece of work I'm talking about is: Parachute by: KitsuShel

Three words.


Parachute is about Bella finding a young boy (Jack) in an alley in Seattle. The poor boy is covered in dirt and malnourished. Taking him to her father Charlie, the Chief Police, they are able to arrange Bella temporary guardianship of the young child. Suddenly an ordinary day that was supposed to end in getting new clothes and other accessories turned into an extraordinary day where Bella now finds herself nineteen, with sole guardianship of a three year old boy who isn't even biologically hers.

Talk about a clusterfuck! But it gets better! Here's a snip bit of what you're missing out on if you haven't already read this fic:

"Pp-ple-ease, don't hurt me," a voice asked, barely above a whisper. Bella felt her heart break and tears sting her eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you, sweetheart," she said as calmly and gently as she could. "I want to help you. Are you hurt? Where are your parents?"

The child started to sob again and threw himself into her arms. Bella was startled and fell back on her behind. She wrapped her arms around the kid and felt something burn in her chest. In that instant, she felt something shift. She knew right then and there that nothing would stop her from helping this little one. She ran her fingers through his crusty hair and wondered again how one so young could just be all alone like this. Both his clothes and hair were caked with mud and the smell was like urine and vomit.

When the boy quieted a little, Bella tried asking her questions again.

"Hey, Little Bit, I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help you. Can you tell me your name at least?"


Heartbreaking isn't it? But the good times sure do outweigh the bad and KitsuShel takes you on one hell of a ride with this one! So check it out and leave her some love! You know you want to.

This next rec that I have for you is once again, by KitsuShel called: Rabbit Heart.

Once I was finished with Parachute KitsuShel was advertising her newest story that she was going to be working on (Rabbit Heart) and from the sounds of it, it just didn't sound like it was something I was going to be interested in reading. So I didn't actively seek it out right away. Then something happened, an Ah-ha moment if you will, and I was linked to it and once again....hooked.

Rabbit Heart is about famous rockstar Izzy Dywer who is led back to her hometown, Forks, because of a crazy stalker person that's after her in Los Angeles. There she finds her old best friend and the family that she was forced to leave behind once upon a time ago. This story is only 3 chapters in so what's going to happen, I have no clue! But it's already a great read and definitely keeping me on my toes!

Here's a sneak peek:

"What's going on, Jazz? Is someone looking for me?"

Bella felt a jolt of nervousness shoot through her at the sound of his voice. It was deeper and more manly than it had been at fourteen, but it was still definably Emmett. She turned in her seat slowly and looked over toward the new comers. Four people stood just inside the entrance: two men and two women. The women were polar opposites: one barely over five feet with short, dark hair and the other closer to six feet with long, blonde hair. Behind the women was a tall, lanky man with bronze hair. Leading the group, front and center, was her Emmett, no longer the scrawny kid with braces. He was now tall and muscular, his resemblance similar to a linebacker.

"This young lady here was asking for you or your dad, Em," Jasper replied, watching the scene unfurl with intense fascination.

The tall blonde woman stiffened and shot the stranger a menacing look, as if trying to mark her territory. Without hesitation, Bella slid off of the stool and walked closer to Emmett, pulling back her hood and removing the baseball cap.

'This is it,' she thought. 'All or nothing.'

She reached behind her head and undid her braid, running a hand through her hair and shaking it free. The women gasped and covered their mouths in surprise. Emmett narrowed his eyes until his face went slack.

"Izzy Dwyer?" he asked in shock. "Why are you looking for me or my dad? I don't understand."

She swallowed and bit her lip, before looking him directly in the eye. She saw the moment that he began to recognize his long lost friend.

"No," he whispered. "No fucking way."

"Hi, Shaggy," she replied, her voice quavering with emotion, tears stinging her eyes.

"Scrappy," he sobbed brokenly, before pulling Bella to his chest.

She automatically wrapped her arms around his waist, squeezing him with all of her strength.

"Emmett," she cried. "I've missed you so much."

As she clung to her pseudo brother for dear life, Bella Swan felt like she was finally home after all of these years.

Now that I've given you something to read and occupy your time with (because these will definitely occupy your time!) go read and review and show KitsuShel all your love. She definitely deserves it!

The Membership Cards

Just thought I'd share the membership cards from Chapter 7 of LtK with y'all if I haven't already.



Taking it back Old School

Well, maybe not so much old school...but definitely a blast from the past so to speak. Today's Rec is one that was started and completed in 2009, yet is still a number one hit within the Twilight Fandom.

Now if you have never heard of this fic before then it is an absolute must to read. It's witty, charming and down right hilarious. I'm not the kind of person to re-read fanfiction stories but there are a few that I just can't help but to re-read them over and over again and this one is my number one story to re-read.

In this story Edward is a single father raising his 7 year old son, Ethan, and his 3 year old daughter, Sophie, alone. Bella just moved to Forks with her 7 year old son, Leo. When out and about with her son one afternoon, Bella comes to the aid of Ethan and Sophie from their scary babysitter. That "aid" just happens to come in the form of kidnapping.

Here's a small teaser to get you going:

Something in me snapped. I shoved her hard, causing her to shriek and fall over in the trunk. Then I grabbed the little girl and took Ethan's hand. He was too busy looking over his shoulder in shock to watch where we were running as I pulled him along. I put them both in the back seat with Leo.

"Buckle in! Buckle in!" The banshee was getting up, and boy was she pissed. I locked the doors and took off.

When we were safely out of the parking lot, the reality of the situation crashed down on me. I had just kidnapped a couple of kids! I was either going to prison or the nut house. For a few minutes there was complete silence. The kids were obviously as shocked about this as I was.

"Hi. I'm Leonardo Swan, and I'm seven. You can call me Leo. That lady who kidnapped you is my mom, Bella." Leave it to Leo. "What's your name?"

"I'm Ethan Cullen. I'm seven too," the other boy replied. "And that's my little sister Sophie. She's three."

"Um Ethan," I started, not having a clue what to do. This was new territory. I had never kidnapped a child before. "Could you tell me who your parents are? I should probably contact them." That seemed like a wise thing to do.

"Our Dad's name is Edward Cullen," he answered.

Edward Cullen. Not ringing any bells. Of course Leo and I had only lived here a week, but it was one of those small ritzy towns where everybody knew everybody's business. Boy was I off to a good start.

"Do you know his phone number?" Ethan called out some numbers, and I quickly punched them into my cell. This was going to be interesting.

After a few rings, I got his voice mail. "Um. Hi. My name is Bella Swan. I don't really know how to say this, but I have your kids with me, and I was thinking maybe you would like them back. So yeah… call me." I smacked my forehead.

Amazing isn't it? Just by doing this rec I made myself want to read this story again Lol, so come and join me! I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Just Some Eye Candy

Hey Y'all! I just wanted to drop by and share something with y'all. I'm getting into doing .gif's from movies and I know that this one is already probably floating around out there, but I'm doing some learning and thought I'd share a little eye candy with you. Gah, I love this vamp!



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